The Square, Newcastle upon Tyne

New Build Student Accomodation


This development for RM Accommodation is for a range of 4, 5 and 6 bed student accommodation flats within the site, with shared kitchens, living and washing facilities. A total of 62 bed spaces are provided.

As part of this development, it is also proposed to partially redevelop the ground floor of the adjacent site to expand the commercial element of the scheme. The accommodation is arranged in a U-shaped, deep-plan block, providing views to the north and south from all habitable rooms.
The upper floor layouts are divided into 3 flats, clustered around the main stair core and common lobby. All bedrooms and living/ kitchen areas are orientated to maximise natural light into the plan.

The accommodation to the south is provided with an angled bay window design. This approach will allow long views down the lane to the south of the site, while ensuring privacy is maintained for any future development of the site the immediate south of the site.