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A Self-Build With A Pretty Impressive View

Find yourself a site, preferably one with spectacular views and, if the site doesn’t fit your dream, remove 300 tonne of solid rock! Then find yourself somewhere to live close to the site if possible.

This site has to be one of the most dramatic locations we have had the privilege to work within. Set adjacent to a SSSI the ‘Plot’ is one of five for which NNA obtained Outline Planning Approval (Planning Permission in Principle) for the original overall developer. We were retained by the eventual purchaser to create a design that capitalises on the magnificent views over ancient oakwood to the sea loch beyond.

Sufficient excavation had to take place into the steep rocky slope of the hillside to create a plateau onto which the main body of the dwelling can perch. Working with a client whose aspirations for the site matched our initial thoughts embodied within the Outline Planning Approval has resulted in a design that, we feel confident, everyone involved with the project will be justly proud.

It is our intention to follow closely the development of this site within our posts.

#selfbuild #scotland #riba

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