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Conversations About Conservation - Part 1

Nicholson Nairn Architects are currently working across a broad range of sectors and in turn a wide range of buildings, from new builds to Listed buildings of historic interest. Each building type requires a wide range of skills which NNA are committed to enhance and tailor to each client and project. To achieve this, two of their architects have recently got involved in the RIBA – Conservation Courses.

Philippa Ramsay, an architect who has interests in bringing historic buildings back to life through innovative and creative design solutions. Philippa recently joined the team at NNA and went to York to engage in the RIBA Conservation Course which investigated conservation principles, such as the International Council on Monuments and Site (ICOMOS) Charter.

The course went into detail on materials, structures, legislation and creating heritage reports and drawings. This valuable knowledge will be used regularly throughout the range of conservation projects that NNA undertake. The final day of the course was a full day of site visits, the tour started in the Theatre Royal lead by the recent award winning, Angus Morrogh-Ryan of De Matos Ryan. The course ended in a visit to the Master Mason’s workshop where they proceeded to take a tour of York Minster from the scaffolding, creating a unique opportunity to watch the conservation of York Minster in practice.

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