NNA Guide to Living Rooms

March 14, 2016

We are putting together a series of blogs to help you through the design process in order to get the most out of your rooms. This week we are starting with the Living Room. Potentially the room you spend the most of your time in through your home. This guide will steer you through the decisions you need to make before taking the plunge of a redesign.



Feature Fireplaces


In the age of ground source heat pumps and solar panels people are finding it less and less necessary for a feature fireplace as a source of heat for the home.


However, whether it's a traditional log burner or a more contemporary electric wall hung fire, it can bring the whole room together to create a warm and cosy space.


Perfect for those long winter nights.



Layout: Formal Vs. Informal


You need to ask yourself "What is my living room for?"


If you are wanting an area to entertain and converse with your guests then consider removing distractions. Place your sofas and chairs facing each other with a coffee table in between.


If however your living room is the place where you want to cuddle up with the family watching a film and eating popcorn then the age old idea of positioning your sofas towards the TV is for you. Large slouch sofas and L-shape designs are popular for a relaxed vibe.






Lighting in your living room should be adaptable to the time of day and the activity performed.


During the day you want to allow light to flood into your space without being blinding. This not only saves on your lighting bill but also heats up your space for free.


Dimmer switches and smaller lamps create a more relaxed feel when darkness sets in. Don't forget the use of LED bulbs will also reduce your bills substantially.






If you are going for an open plan feel then the use of seamless colour works very well to create a truly flowing space. Having the same flooring throughout also achieves this.


You can us furniture as a visual barrier in large spaces whilst still maintaining the openness. 



Focal Point - Colour



The use of colour as an accent to your space can create a warm and inviting feel to a space.


In the example above the use of a complementing colour also ties the rest of the furniture into the space. 




If you are considering creating a beautiful space then contact us for a FREE consultation. From small extensions to new builds and everything in between.



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