Steps to take before speaking to an Architect

May 3, 2016

So, you've decided that you want a change and would like to build an extension or alter your home. Where do you start? People often think design is all about ideas. In fact, design is the process that takes the idea, develops it, prepares it and communicates it, ready to be made into reality. 



There is no set format for what you should do before speaking to an Architect, but having worked on over 2300 projects, here our NNA’s tips based on what we’ve found to be effective.


Create an outline design


Don’t get bogged down in the detail at this stage but instead simply start off with what you want the space to do. Whether it’s a bigger kitchen or another bedroom, write down what you need. This may sound very basic but these decisions will help inform a lot of details later on.


Think broadly about the size and shape of the space. You should also take on board the broad parameters of budget you have and what might be permitted (i.e. if you live in a conservation area) but at the same time still being open-minded and explore as many different possibilities you can imagine.



Make it flow


Many people get bogged down in the design at this stage and forget about the real world use of the space.


Why not make a small model of your space using cardboard or even mark out on the ground where your extension might go.


Think about how the space might be lit or how you might move from one space to another.






Either creating physical mood-boards or digital ones on pinterest like we do here at NNA with clients. They are a great way to get across your ideas to the Architect and save time and money in the long run as there are less amendments to make to plans. Check out some of our boards here for some inspiration.



None of these tips are set in stone and if you’re not a keen designer and want to leave it all to the Architects, that’s not a problem. Remember they have many years of experience in the field and might better inform a design. Either way always keep an open mind and be open to ideas and suggestions but at the end of the day it is your home!


For more information contact us via email or pop in for a chat.

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