5 Tips on Moving From AutoCAD to Revit

November 26, 2018



This beautifully proposed luxury 5 bed home currently in for planning is one of the few projects here at NNA we have spent time modelling in 3D via the use of Autodesk’s Revit software. The use of Revit allowed us to take the clients ideas and put them into a ‘virtual’ representation of what they could expect, in doing this we were able to make quick and easy amendments to the clients request and efficiently come to a final design that suited the want for a modern yet striking home.


Many of us who have taken the leap from the 2D world of Architecture to 3D via the use of Revit will understand that it is not simply a drafting program. Revit allows you to contain all relevant project information into one file available to multiple users, where perhaps one of the key parts to the software is a change in one place is a change throughout.



So with us here at NNA making that leap on projects where possible we have come up with our 5 key Tips on moving from AutoCAD to Revit:



Start with a small project – Revit has a number of parameters within that allow you to model to and extremely fine point however learning these takes time and is best done on a small project and built up over time.



Don’t over or under model – Often it can be easy to get caught up in quite how detailed Revit can go – unless this is something the client wants it is probably not needed, be efficient in choosing what you model but also don’t get stuck in going back to what you know and using the drafting tools available within.



Learn the different between 2D and 3D – Sounds simple, but, with Revit a key part is knowing and understanding that a change in one view will affect the whole model. Get comfortable with this – it will become your life saver!



Use 3D Views as often as you can – 3D Views are incredibly fun to work with and so rewarding at the same time when you watch your design being built virtually in front of you. Not only this they are also a great way of learning – they will show you exactly where clashes may be occurring.



Finally embrace the future of 3D – Revit takes time and persistence, going wrong and learning from it will be your best weapon, keep at it, just wait and see what you can produce!










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