Stepney Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne

New Build Student Accomodation


Stepney Lane Student Accommodation development was constructed in three phases, consisting of Anolha House (Block A), Dulcie House (Block B) and Easton House (Block C). A total of 272 bed spaces are provided within the development, in the form of 4, 5 and 6 bedroom flat arrangements with shared kitchen / living rooms and bathrooms.

The buildings are constructed on a narrow, restricted site adjacent to an existing East Coast Main Line. The design and construction was carefully managed to comply with Network Rail requirements for building next to rail infrastructure.

The building is also constructed over a major telecommunications duct which required to remain in-situ and operational at all times. The structural engineer created a bridge design within the foundation solution to ensure no additional loading was placed onto the existing infrastructure.

The final phase of development (Easton House) required a temporary crash deck constructed on the top of the existing line to ensure the project could be completed without interruption of the Nexus service.